Kickstarter Quickdraw Cable 2.0 - Delivered

June 16, 2016

Kickstarter Quickdraw Cable 2.0 - Delivered

So we are finally there, our Kickstarter project for the Quickdraw 2.0 has been delivered with all rewards going out to backers. Once again it has been a roller coaster ride with amazing ups and downs but we are super pleased with the resulting Quickdraw cable. We know from the amazing feedback that we have received that there are 1000's of happy backers and customers out there. A really big thank you to all our backers that once again have proved how amazing they are.

As the project took so long we have had numerous design iterations along the way and we are now actually up to the Quickdraw 3.0. Any backers that had to wait for the Micro USB cables to be made after our initial factory let us down, have received the latest Quickdraw 3.0 cables. A little thank you for their patience. 


What's next?

  • Well we have a charging dock for the Apple Pencil in the works. We hope this will be out in the next few months.
  • We are building up our stock of Quickdraw cables so there is less of a delay for our customer and retailers.
  • We also have a new fulfilment house that we have started to work with to make the end to end process of ordering, shipping and tracking far slicker and better for the customer.
  • and of course we are always looking to make our charging cables better and offer more functions than anyone else on the market.

 Once again thank you to everyone for your support.