Anyone for the iPhone X

September 12, 2017

Anyone for the iPhone X

iPhone X
Last weekend there was a huge leak of iPhone 8 information from Apple. We don't want to spoil the fun of today's announcement, so this week we thought we would concentrate on some of the smaller details.

New iPhones X 3
It looks like there will be an iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and also a premium iPhone X. We expect the iPhone X to be loaded with all the latest hardware & software tech. Apple along with other companies have really struggled to get people to upgrade or switch brands. By launching an iPhone X it allows Apple to make an iPhone that is full of the latest technology and then charge more for it. Some say starting at $1000. It also gives a lot more incentive for iPhone 7 users to upgrade as there will be a proper step change in devices. What will also be interesting to see is where Apple split the technology and how much trickles down to the iPhone 8.

Wireless Charging
Wireless charging seems to be on its way but with all the rumours in the last few months, it looks like the iPhone 8 will not ship with a charging dock and this will be released later. We are not sure why, as Qi wireless charging has been around for a while but no doubt Apple has added some extra tech. We wouldn't be surprised if wireless charging is limited to the iPhone X.

3D Facial Recognition
Some, if not all, of the iPhones will have facial recognition built in, but probably just the iPhone X. What's interesting is how Apple is planning to use facial recognition. It looks like 3D facial recognition will be used to unlock your iPhone and also when using Apple Pay. However, there is also Animoji, animated emojis that you can create using facial recognition. Pull a sad face and the software will customise an emoji to match. Could this remove the need to scroll through what seems like 100’s of emoji to find the right one? Give it 6 months and look out for all those people pulling silly faces on the subway when texting!

Apple Watch Gen 3
The Apple Watch Gen 3 might also be announced with the same overall design but including LTE cellular connection. This will allow calls via your watch with out the need for an iPhone. This will finally free the Apple Watch from being dependent on the iPhone. How this will affect battery length, which isn’t great in the first place, is anyone's guess. But a LTE connection has got to be pretty power hungry.

Interesting Tech Rolling Shutter
So we had an air ambulance helicopter land in the field behind the office the other day and then we were filming it taking off the propellor looks kind of funky when recorded on an iPhone. The rotors looked like they span really slowly. Why's that we thought, well here is a quick video explaining it. Makes sense when you know why!