About Us

Ampere specializes in the design and manufacture of iPhone, iPad & Android phone and tablet accessories.

Ampere (formally Woodford Design) started in 2010 with the launch of the FridgePad iPad mount. Customers loved its simplicity and how it suddenly opened the iPad up to being a truly family device. Ampere then expanded its line up with additional mounts for the FridgePad and the unique Inkee case.

With the rise of crowd funding, Ampere chose to give it a go with the release of the Quickdraw LED Cable on Kickstarter. This was instantly picked up by 1000's of people that were sick of official Apple cables that kept breaking, sometimes within a matter of weeks. The Quickdraw Cable has gone through further refinement and Kickstarter projects and is now our most successful product range.

Ampere aim to develop products that help integrate technology into our everyday life through innovative and stylish products. We are a small company but specialize in amazing customer service and listening closely to what our customers say and then designing great products.  

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