iPhone 8 is Nearly Here

September 06, 2017

iPhone 8 is Nearly Here

iPhone 8 is Nearly Here:

The iPhone 8 launch is booked in for the 12th Sept and the rumour mill is in overdrive. Some of the features we are expected to see are:

The Good

  • Glass body similar to the iPhone 4. 
  • Edge-to-edge display.
  • Flexible plastic OLED display.
  • Touch ID eliminated in favour of facial recognition.
  • No physical Home button. 
  • Induction-based wireless charging.
  • Improved IP68 water resistance rating.

The Bad

  • The iPhone 8 is expected to cost as much as $1,000, which is a lot more than previous iPhones. 
All in all, it looks like Apple will be making lots of changes to keep ahead of the competition. Sales have been lagging across the board for all mobile devices as there have not been any new standout features. 

Will Apple have some killer new features or a bold new physical design and look? Not long to wait...