Apple Pay - Latest Apple News

October 07, 2016

Apple Pay - Latest Apple News

Apple Pay


First off Apple Pay is now up and running on our website and is super slick to use.

Apple Pay

You have to be a Mac, iPhone or iPad user running Safari and then on the Shopping Cart screen just hit the Black Apple Pay button.

Up pops a screen with all your details pre-filled by Apple Pay. Then you can use Touch ID on your iPhone to confirm the payment of even with your Apple watch.

Apple Pay - Apple Watch

All done and ordered without having to type in a single address or credit card number.

Really simple and really slick.

Apple Pay is available in United States, United Kingdom, China, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Hong Kong, France, Russia and Singapore.


New iPad Pros coming soon


Looks like Apple will be launching a host of new iPad Pros early next year. The iPad lineup is a little confused at the moment with new and old models so it will be interesting to see if Apple use this as a good time to tidy things up. For us it's always interesting to see what colours Apple will go with and if they decide to match the new iPhone 7 colours of Black and the super shiny Jet Black. Now a Jet Black iPad Pro 12.9" would look amazing!!

Of course, we are also fingers crossed that they keep the Lightning connector, but after the release of the iPhone 7 we are pretty confident they will.

That's it for now...