Do you have a case design that you would like us to test?

September 18, 2015

Hello Backers

Case Testing - A few people have asked us whether the Quickdraw 2.0 will work with their case. There are 1,000’s of case designs out there but if you let us know what you have then we will try our best to test them out. 

Lifeproof Nuud
Lifeproof Nuud
  • For info the Lighting, Micro USB, Type-C plug size is 10mm x 6.1mm 
  • All our dimensions also meet Apple MFi certification rules that the majority of case manufacturers work to. 

And please do keep sharing us with as many people as you can. We have only a few days left so it’ll really make a big difference if you guys can help us. 

-Woodford Design Team