MotoMount FAQ

Q. Do I need to have a FridgePad to use the MotoMount?
A.Yes the FridgePad and MotoMount are part of an iPad mounting system so need to be used together.

Q. Will the MotoMount fit all cars?
A. The MotoMount should fit all cars with headrests that can be raised or lowered as generally the legs are the same distance apart.

Q. How is the MotoMount held in place?
A. The MotoMount uses a velcro strap to wrap around the headrest legs and pull the mount against the back of the headrest and seat.

Q. Can the headrest still be moved when the MotoMount is installed?
A. Yes you should have no issues with adjusting the headrest both up and down and tilting it as needed. This is very important, unlike other iPad mounts, as it is key to ensure the headrest in properly adjusted for each driver.

Q. Whats the best way to remove the FridgePad from the MotoMount?
A. The best way is to start on one of the top corners and use a pealing motion to pull the FridgePad off. Once the magnet bond is broken it will come off easily.