Inkee Case FAQ

Inkee Case Instructions

The Inkee case has a special fabric back that you can fully customise with any design or photo using your home inkjet printer. Your design is waterproof, hardwearing and vibrant. Best of all you can change the design anytime you want with the replacement self adhesive fabric sheets supplied with the case.

Creating your design

The easiest way to print your design and make sure everything lines up is to use one of the templates below. The templates show you how to lay out your design so that it will print perfectly on the fabric sheet.

  1. Download one of the templates below.
  2. Open your word processing software.
  3. Open the template that you have just downloaded.
  4. Import the photo or design that you wish to print.
  5. Position the design over the case outline making sure that the design carries over the case edge by at least 1cm all the way around.
  6. Check the positioning of the camera hole on your design.
iPhone 5
MS Word


Open Office
iPhone 4 / 4S

MS Word

Apple - Pages

Open Office
iPad 2 / New iPad (3) / iPad 4

MS Word

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Open Office
iPad Mini

MS Word

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Open Office


    Printing your Design 

    1. Print your design on a normal piece of A6 paper for the iPhone case or A4 paper for the iPad case, to check everything looks good and that your printer is working properly.
    2. Insert one sheet of the fabric into your printer ensuring that the white side is correctly orientated for your printer. Ensure that the camera hole cutout is positioned correctly depending on your printer.
    3. Select print and select a paper size of either A6 for the iPhone case or A4 for the iPad case.
    4. Change the printer setting so that Gloss Photo Paper is selected.
    5. Hit print
    6. Once printed allow to dry for 10 minutes.


    Attaching the fabric back to the case 

    1. Peel the printed fabric off its backing sheet.
    2. Carefully align the fabric in the indented section on the back of the case ensuring that it is straight and fits correctly around the camera hole.
    3. Slowly from the centre outwards stick the fabric down ensuring that you push out any air bubbles as you go.
    4. Once the fabric is pressed down, with a blunt object run around the fabric edge to make sure it is securely stuck.
    5. Clip in your iPhone or iPad.
    6. Sit back and enjoy your handy work.


    Changing the fabric back 

    1. Peel off the old fabric back.
    2. Ensure that the case is clean and there are no bumps or ridges in any leftover glue.
    3. Print a new fabric back.
    4. Align and stick down a new back as before.