FridgePad FAQ

FridgePad Instructions
        Page 1: FridgePad Instructions.pdf
        Page 2: Configuring your FridgePad for your iPad instructions.pdf

Q. Which iPad versions does the FridgePad work with?
A. The FridgePad works with both the iPad 1, iPad 2 and the new iPad 3, all versions, WiFi and WiFi/ 3G.

Q. Can I use my iPad Smart Cover with the FridgePad?
A. Yes, it fits perfectly

Q. How do I convert the FridgePad to work with the iPad 1 or iPad 2 / iPad 3?
A. FridgePads are configured to work out of the box with the iPad 2 / iPad 3 and have the mounting clips for the iPad 1 in the box. Depending on which iPad version you wish to use, all you have to do is unscrew the corner clips and screw on the appropriate new mounting clips.

Note: The same mounting clips are used for the iPad 2 and iPad 3.
See instructions leaflet: Configuring your FridgePad for your iPad instructions.pdf

Q. How do I clip in and remove my iPad from the FridgePad?
A. Easy, see the video below.

Q. How securely does the FridgePad stick to my fridge door?
A. The FridgePad uses our customer made MegaMagnet. This is a high power and ultra grippy magnet that has been designed to ensure the FridgePad sticks very firmly to your fridge door. The FridgePad does not slip, slide or move when your fridge door is slammed. In fact we have had to design in a finger recess just so that you can remove it from your fridge. The MegaMagnet we use has a pulling force of 37kg whereas the iPad and FridgePad only have a combined weight of 1.4kg. 

See our Refrigerator Door Slam Test

Q. Will the magnet damage my iPad?
A. No the magnet will not damage your iPad electronics or battery. Your iPad is held securely in plastic retention clips which ensure that it does not come in contact with metal parts and does not get damaged or scratched.

Q. Will the FridgePad stick to a stainless steel fridge door?
A. Yes it will.

Q. Does my fridge door need to be completely flat?
A. The fridge door requires a flat section that is at least 21cm x 16cm in size. The majority of fridges can easily accommodate these requirements but a very small number of fridges have a continuously curved door, so please check before purchase.

Q. Will the magnet delete or wipe data from my iPads memory?
A. No the magnet will not delete or wipe data off the iPads solid state memory. Solid state memory is not affected by magnets unlike hard drive units and floppy disks.

Q. Does the magnet affect the wireless/WiFi or 3G connection?
A. No the magnet does not have an affect on the wireless/WiFi or 3G signal. We have carried out extensive testing and cannot find any effects.

Q. Does the magnet affect the iPad in anyway?
A. The only effect that you will see on your iPad is that the inbuilt compass will not be very accurate and will report an error. This is simply because the earths magnetic field it is trying to detect is being disrupted by the FridgePads magnet. This will not damage the iPads compass.

Q. Will the FridgePad damage my fridge?
A. No the FridgePad will not damage your fridge. It is held onto you fridge with a very large rubber magnet and this also ensures that no metal comes in contact with your fridge.