Woodford Design’s aim is to make the impact of our products on the environment as small as possible. This is of course inherently difficult when you are making metal and plastic products, but we must do our best as every bit helps. We do however strongly believe that this doesn't mean that you as a consumer should receive a product that is simply not the best.

A lot of work has gone into our packaging design so that not only does it look good and function well, but it also is fully recyclable. We could have gone down the easier and cheaper route of foam padding and plastic clam shells but we don’t want to wreck the environment for something that is just going to be thrown away.

  1. All our packaging is designed to be fully recyclable so we ask that you play your little part.
  2. All of our packaging wherever possible is made from recycled materials and from sustainably managed sources.

Woodford Design are aiming to constantly evaluate our operations to see where we can improve and reduce our impact on the environment. We are looking to actively bring the production of parts and materials sourcing back to our local economy, not only to support it financially but also to reduce the air miles that our products clock up.