FridgePad 2 - iPad & Tablets

Transform your iPad into the coolest fridge magnet around!

The FridgePad 2 is the best way to store and display your iPad in your home and office. No tools are required to magnetically mount the FridgePad 2 and your iPad to your fridge door so it's on proud display in the heart of your home. We have completely redesigned the FridgePad so that it now works with far more devices, spins 360 degrees for easy landscape or portrait viewing, works with iPad cases, has super fast iPad mounting and still retains the ultra secure slam proof magnetic mount. 

For iPad Pro, Air & iPad Mini

Why hide your iPad away in a dusty drawer? FridgePad lets you proudly display it right on your fridge, ready whenever you need it. The clever clipping mechanism keeps it safely secured, and FridgePad is easily re-positioned so you can keep your iPad out of the reach of kids and slobbering pets.

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