Quickdraw V4 LED MFi Lightning Cable

Now even stronger and more durable. Our updated V4 cable won't let you down and keeps coming back fighting. The perfect combination of amazing looks and hard durability.

Its LED still lets you know when your phone is charged and ready to go, it incorporates a reversible USB, tangle free cord, is built to be super tough, look amazing and is backed with our lifetime warranty. Beat that Apple!!!

Put some style into your charging routine

Combining more functions and features than any other charging cable out there. Treat your iPhone or iPad to some charging love!

- LED charging light, know when your battery is at 100%

- Reversible USB, plug it in first time everytime

- Crafted sand blasted anodised aluminium 

- Woven braided cable.- Super strong and durable

- Injection moulded electronics

- Mirror etched graphics 

- Apple MFI Certified 

- Lifetime guarantee

Compatible Devices - Works with Apple devices that have a Lightning port, including the iPhone X, iPhone 8/Plus, iPhone 7/Plus, iPhone 6s/Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5/5S/C, iPad Pro/Air/2,3,4,/Mini, iPod Touch. Basically any Apple product that is still working!

Our new Name...

Woodford Design is now AMPERE. It's time for a fresh new look, a clean, modern style to show our commitment to luxury & rugged mobile accessories. Still the same quality and great functionality, get ready for some exciting new products!

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