WallMount FAQ

Q. Do I need to have a FridgePad to use the WallMount?
A.Yes the FridgePad and WallMount are part of an iPad mounting system so need to be used together.

Q. What size drill bit do I need to drill the mounting holes?
A. A 5.5mm drill bit should do the job in standard brick walls.

Q. I don’t want to drill holes, is there any other way to attach the WallMount?
A. We have found that 3M Command Strips work well but we do not supply these as they are dependent on the type of wall you have. They work well on paper and tiles but we have found that they do not attach to silk and gloss painted walls. Use these at your own risk and please be careful when testing.

Q. Whats the best way to remove the FridgePad from the WallMount?
A. The best way is to start on one of the top corners and use a pealing motion to pull the FridgePad off. Once the magnet bond is broken it will come off easily.