Backer Survey - Step by Step Guide

For the backer survey we will be using a website called BackerKit to collate your information and specifically gather your shipping address, the colour and length of cables you require. You will also be able to buy additional cables at discounted Kickstarter pricing.

1. Start Page. You will receive an email with instructions and a link to your personalised BackerKit page. This will detail how much you pledged through Kickstarter and show this as a credit. Please select your country and hit the Get Started! button.

2. Questions Page. You will now be on the questions page where you will need to tell us your postcode / zip code and your telephone number. These are mandatory and we must have them as they are a requirement for our shipping company. Once answered please hit the Add-ons button.


3. Add-Ons Page. Please ignore the title of this page. Here you can select the cable lengths and colours that you require. As you select cables you will use up the credit that you originally pledged. If you decide to order more cables, then the page will display some boxes so that you can input your credit card details. If you have pledged on one of the discounted pricing levels such as the £10 or £12 you will only be able to select ONE cable at this discounted price. All other 1 metre cables will cost £13 or £18 for the 2 metre cable. After you have selected all the cables that you would like and added your credit card details if necessary, please select the Confirm & Pay button.


4. Shipping Page. You will now be taken to the shipping page where you will need to input your delivery address. Please ensure that these are correct and that you input your postcode / zip code. After you have added and checked your delivery address please select the Review button.


5. Review Page. On the review page please check over your details and make sure everything is correct. You can also click on Create an account for logon details to be emailed to you. At any time in the future up to the point that we are preparing for shipping you will be able to log back in and change your shipping address if, for instance, you have moved home. Once all is complete please click the I'm Done button.



6. Finished. That's it, all done. Once we have received replies from all backers we can then place an order and start manufacture.